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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Cow and the dolphin

Once there was a dolphin and a cow that liked playing in the water. The cow actually was pretty much a dolphin- he jumped in and out of the water. I've even seen a picture of them jumping out of the water. Man these two animals are very odd ones furry ones bald. I don't even know why they do this. They even went viral on Facebook and instagram.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Speech: Siblings always get spoiled

You know how it feels when you're the oldest sibling? Pretty much nothing goes your way. Older siblings agree that younger siblings always get spoiled.

One thing I really don't like is when Dad asks me to take two rubbish containers out at once. I ask dad if Isaac can take one,
 then Dad says “I asked you to do it.”
“But why can't he help?”
“No I asked you to do it.”
Then I eventually just slowly go and get it done. See what I mean my younger sibling didn't have to do anything.

But then there's when your youngest sibling spits out that he played on the iPad, like this, “ Solomon guess what, I got to play on the iPad when you were at school.” And it's a no iPad week! Which also means there's going to be a heap of complaints from my two other brothers as well as me. Now he gets spoiled way too much. 

Well you know being the oldest sibling isn't all bad, my favourite part of being the oldest sibling in the family is every year you get a whole bunch of new clothes and football boots,while all my other brothers get all the hand me downs,
Now I love that.

Another good thing about being the oldest is if your brother leaves his lunchbox at school and you get to bike back on your own and get the lunchbox in the nice cold breeze, then back again.

Now that I think about it, it is kinda even, when you're the oldest sibling you have good points and bad points same when you're the youngest 

Being the oldest sibling isn't all bad you get the new clothes and get to go bike to get your brothers belongings but sometimes your younger siblings just end being a pain. 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Camp writing

When I was at the top of high ropes leaning forward, standing on the wire and holding onto ropes, I was proud because this was the first time I had achieved the high ropes. I wondered how on earth the tutors could climb so fast and if I’ll ever be able to climb as fast as the tutors.

Another emotion I had on camp was enjoyable when we were doing search and rescue, because we got to play hide’n’seek with walkie talkies and it was fun. I wonder if it's always better to hide in the bush.

When I got to go orienteering,  just Charlie, Finn and I, without a parent, I was surprised because we always had to be with a parent except for this time. I wonder if we finished the course quicker without a parent.

Overall I enjoyed camp because some of the activities pushed me to my limits. I liked being pushed to my limits because it made me enjoy the activities.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Trouble writing

I was grasping  onto the biscuit in mid-air about to slip, then…. - Maybe I should tell you how I got into this crazy ride. It was a sunny day in Hawea with low wind.  My friend and I were about to takeoff on the biscuit. I saw white caps coming towards us.My dad yelled “This is going to be a bumpy ride.” All of a sudden I was  frightened. As we started moving, the bumps were ok, but as we got faster the bumps just got worse. I heard the motor of the boat jumping in and out of the 5 degree water.  I spotted a big wave. I knew this would be hard to hold on as I come off the top wave me and friend do a massive donkey kick, get spray in our faces, gasp and then empty our lungs and thought I never want to have a ride like this again.

In this piece of I was learning to use words from my bright-sparks book and how well I use my punctuation. I think I did well with this piece of writing. My next steps are to use speech marks in the right way.


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Science Journal

Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.
After today's slime experiment on Mr Anderson, I placed myself on relational for gathering data and inferencing because I observed how some of the slime was liquid and the rest of it was thick and chunky. This means that the secret is to have enough water and not too much cornflour.

Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment
After our balloon rocket experiment I observed and inferred how the balloon could travel upwards on an angle. From this I observed the balloon could travel upwards because the air is trying to escape quickly. I wonder if my inference was correct. 

Week 3: drag - balloon Rocket experiment
When we put a piece of paper on the front of our balloon rocket, I observed how the balloon traveled smoothly across the fishing wire, but it was only a small piece of paper. When we did the same experiment with Mrs Pageot just with a bigger piece of paper the rocket didn't move. I think the balloon and paper crossed the fishing wire smoothly because the piece of paper had no effect..

Week 4:Trebuchet
This week we made observations on a trebuchet. I observed when we had eleven led bars in the
counter weight the projectile didn't go as far as having nine led bars. I think this happened because the counter weight to come down quickly. Another observation I made was that  thirteen led bars with a heavier projectile went further than thirteen led bars and a lighter projectile. I wonder how big trebuchets can get.
My data gathering is relational because I'm confident my observations are correct.
My inferences are relational because my inferences are correct.

Week 8: onager vs trebuchet 
This week we have been studying the onager and the trebuchet. We were writing down ideas about what is the same about them and the differences about them using a compare and contrast map. We recorded the distance of the ball or hacky sack and looked at the forces of the catapults. 

The similarities about the onager and the trebuchet is that they both use thrust. The trebuchet has a higher arch because it has a larger arm to throw the object in the sling really far. Where as the onager has a lower arch because it has a shorter arm than the Trebuchet. 

The onager has more velocity when you pull the string on it because it's torsion powered. Whereas the trebuchet has less velocity because it's gravity powered.

 In conclusion the trebuchet would be better for getting over castle walls because it has a higher arc because of it’s high arm. 

 Science experiments
This week we have been learning about elastic potential energy and angles (degrees). One of the experiments was a slingshot rocket and from this we learnt how to make one and what  design is better. I think popsicle sticks in a v shaped and a cut rubber band work together well because you have more elastic potential energy.

Another experiment was flipping frogs. In this all of the energy was in the elastic band. I think most of the experiment relied on the card because if the card bent the frog didn't work. 

We also had another experiment and that is u called angle launcher how it works, you pick an angle. The best angle was 45’ degrees you can choose short, medium or long range and then fire

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Social sciences reflection

At the start of the of the term I was multistructural at being a responsible citizen because I sometimes forgot to be a helpful bystander and pick up rubbish.

Now I'm relational and extended abstract at being a responsible citizen because I always turn up on time for music and I coach children younger than me.

This term I was coaching years 2,3 and 4. When I first realised coaching is something a responsible citizen does, I was surprised but then I realised if you coach you share your skills.

My project helps others to  be responsible citizens by sharing my football skills so then they can coach my skills to others then children keep learning new skills.

My challenges were arranging the times and the bad weather. But arranging the times was the big problem- we had to rearrange times a lot.
Overall I think my project went well. Although we faced some problems we still got our project finished.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Are you a responsible citizen

Are you a responsible citizen? A  responsible citizen has an important role in making our community safe,strong and clean. One of the qualities are being a helpful bystander. A helpful bystander stops problems,cares and keeps the community safe. If this quality was missing, the world would be a problem because helpful bystanders won't stop the big problems. Someone I notice doing this is Mr Anderson because he stops problems and keeps our school safe.

A responsible citizen also cares for people, equipment, animals and so on. If this role was missing we wouldn't have pets, equipment and everyone would be sad. Someone I notice doing this is Mrs Pageot because she cares for people and equipment.
 In conclusion,  you are a responsible citizen if you are caring and a helpful bystander and make the community a better place.