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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Trouble writing

I was grasping  onto the biscuit in mid-air about to slip, then…. - Maybe I should tell you how I got into this crazy ride. It was a sunny day in Hawea with low wind.  My friend and I were about to takeoff on the biscuit. I saw white caps coming towards us.My dad yelled “This is going to be a bumpy ride.” All of a sudden I was  frightened. As we started moving, the bumps were ok, but as we got faster the bumps just got worse. I heard the motor of the boat jumping in and out of the 5 degree water.  I spotted a big wave. I knew this would be hard to hold on as I come off the top wave me and friend do a massive donkey kick, get spray in our faces, gasp and then empty our lungs and thought I never want to have a ride like this again.

In this piece of I was learning to use words from my bright-sparks book and how well I use my punctuation. I think I did well with this piece of writing. My next steps are to use speech marks in the right way.


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