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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Camp writing

When I was at the top of high ropes leaning forward, standing on the wire and holding onto ropes, I was proud because this was the first time I had achieved the high ropes. I wondered how on earth the tutors could climb so fast and if I’ll ever be able to climb as fast as the tutors.

Another emotion I had on camp was enjoyable when we were doing search and rescue, because we got to play hide’n’seek with walkie talkies and it was fun. I wonder if it's always better to hide in the bush.

When I got to go orienteering,  just Charlie, Finn and I, without a parent, I was surprised because we always had to be with a parent except for this time. I wonder if we finished the course quicker without a parent.

Overall I enjoyed camp because some of the activities pushed me to my limits. I liked being pushed to my limits because it made me enjoy the activities.

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  1. I love the starting part when you said when I was at the top of the high ropes leaning forward, it really shows that tense moment.