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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Speech: Siblings always get spoiled

You know how it feels when you're the oldest sibling? Pretty much nothing goes your way. Older siblings agree that younger siblings always get spoiled.

One thing I really don't like is when Dad asks me to take two rubbish containers out at once. I ask dad if Isaac can take one,
 then Dad says “I asked you to do it.”
“But why can't he help?”
“No I asked you to do it.”
Then I eventually just slowly go and get it done. See what I mean my younger sibling didn't have to do anything.

But then there's when your youngest sibling spits out that he played on the iPad, like this, “ Solomon guess what, I got to play on the iPad when you were at school.” And it's a no iPad week! Which also means there's going to be a heap of complaints from my two other brothers as well as me. Now he gets spoiled way too much. 

Well you know being the oldest sibling isn't all bad, my favourite part of being the oldest sibling in the family is every year you get a whole bunch of new clothes and football boots,while all my other brothers get all the hand me downs,
Now I love that.

Another good thing about being the oldest is if your brother leaves his lunchbox at school and you get to bike back on your own and get the lunchbox in the nice cold breeze, then back again.

Now that I think about it, it is kinda even, when you're the oldest sibling you have good points and bad points same when you're the youngest 

Being the oldest sibling isn't all bad you get the new clothes and get to go bike to get your brothers belongings but sometimes your younger siblings just end being a pain. 

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